Green Buildings-A Study of Adoption Challenges in the Public Sector of Pakistan

Ali Agha

This paper examines the challenges faced by the construction industry stakeholders in Pakistan towards adopting green building specifically focusing on the government/public sector. Pakistan Government's lack of vision regarding green construction is perplexing, and is in dire need of research and policy insights. Challenges specifically in the infancy stage of Pakistan 'Going Green' are brought to light through a series of focused interviews of various stakeholders (involved in public sector projects) to ascertain the main reasons behind the 'implementation gap' in green buildings and thereby creating a climate for better adoption. It is argued that with deeper understanding gained through stakeholder opinion research, initiating and navigating green thinking in the public sector can be made more pragmatic and seamless. This research can be applied to the wider context of developing world to facilitate governments struggling with green adoption as part of their national energy and housing policy. In the long run it can act as a catalyst for change taking us a step closer to a greener world.